Los Angeles, CA Soul Singer Ms. Tracey Lee Releases Debut Album

October 31, 2006

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Tracey Lee tried to find other outlets to express herself, musically, but could not find any that inspired the musical growth she sought. So, she began singing background, and writing lyrics, for many local R&B artists in Los Angeles. Since then she has opened up for the legendary group, K.C. and JoJo (June 2005), as well as singer- Amerie (July 2005) at Long Beach’s Vault 350. In the beginning of 2005, Tracey Lee began her own label- R Funk & B Soul Music. She wanted to establish a label that provides music that transcends all age barriers and is reminiscent of the “feel good” music she grew up on that included R&B, Soul, Funk, Jazz, and of course, Hip Hop.

As a songstress, with her sultry-seductive tone, Ms. Tracey Lee comes across the radio waves as smooth as a “Summer Breeze.” As a lyricist, her lyrics depict a maturity ~like in “Perfect” and “Love Me for Me”~ that comes from experiencing the perils of love lost, the pleasures of love gained, and the plight of the loveless. As a producer, Tracey Lee has a canny way of mixing different sounds and instruments that are sure to get the party started at any club like “Who’s Fly” and “Head Spin.” She has an ear for “real” music and tailors her work “for the people.”

Her debut album, Introducing Ms. Tracey Lee, was released April 27, 2006 at a live performance where she opened for the legendary, Charlie Wilson, at the Key Club in Hollywood, CA. Tracey Lee’s singles such as “Your Love” and “Perfect” are topping the charts on many Internet radio stations across the country (BroadJam, American Idol Underground, Area51UrbanRadio, Garage Band, IRadio, and various other stations). She mastered and re-released her debut album on September 16, 2006 at the House of Blues where she opened for Digital Underground. Her CD is now available for sale-and download~ on CDBaby, BroadJam, Indie911, Garage Band, and in a store near you. For more information on Ms. Tracey Lee please visit the link above.


Mary J. Blige to Release Greatest Hits Album, ‘Reflections’ in December

October 31, 2006

Mary J blige

Mary J. Blige is set to issue her latest release, a greatest hits album titled Reflections: The Journey on Geffen Records. The album is wil be in stores in Germany on December 8th and in the US on December 15th.


    Kelly Price: The Voice, The Album, The Interview

    October 31, 2006

     Kelly Price

     Kelly Price has been said to possess one of the most extraordinary voices in modern music. Born and reared in Queens, NY, Price’s musical talent showed itself at an early age. Price’s mother vividly recalls the many, many nights the household was awakened to the sound of Kelly singing out from her crib. As a child of the Church, both of her parents are ordained ministers, music became inextricably intertwined with the emotional fabric of her life, and it was through music that she expressed feelings she was often unable to speak aloud. One day, after being deeply saddened by a book she read for a black history project, Price wrote a song to express the complicated emotions she was feeling. That was her first song. She was 7 years old. Before the age of 10, Kelly sang on her first recording and by 18, she was recording and touring the world with multi-platinum pop diva Mariah Carey. Always a quick study, Kelly watched and learned the intricacies of studio and production work and soon began to expand into areas other than background singing. Kelly refers to these early years as her “formal education.” As a guest vocalist, Price went on to appear on such acclaimed hit singles as Mariah Carey’s “Fantasy,” The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Mo Money Mo Problems,” P. Diddy’s “No Way Out” and Whitney Houston’s “Heartbreak Hotel.” In the years to come, Price would share her musical gifts – in vocals, production and writing – with a Who’s Who of A-list and legendary artists, including George Michael, Aretha Franklin, Brian McKnight, LL Cool J, Ben Tankard, Mary J Blige, Brandy, The LOX, Donnie McClurkin, The Williams Brothers, Faith Evans, Karen Clarke-Sheard, Yolanda Adams, MASE, Mary Mary, Richard Smallwood, R. Kelly, Eric Clapton, Wynona Judd, Gerald Levert, Angela Winbush, The Isley Bros and Ronald Isley, among countless others. Though many record labels pursued Kelly as a solo artist, it was her connection with Isley and his relentless belief in her talent that resulted in an alliance between Price and him and the birth of her debut solo effort – Soul of a Woman. That 1998 CD delivered the #1 smash women’s anthem of the year “Friend of Mine,” penned by Price. Price followed her stellar freshman effort with platinum-selling Mirror Mirror in 2000, One Family: A Christmas Album in 2002 and the critically acclaimed Priceless in 2003. Right from the start, Price broke records by reaching Billboard’s top spot twice with the same song, having achieved the # 1 victory with no music video at television. No artist has done that since the conception of the instrumental marketing tool of the music video. It was a sweet victory for Price after being told by several music executives that she was talented and beautiful, yes, but, “No one wants to look at a fat girl or buy her records, no matter how good she sounds.” Kelly reminded the world that big was indeed beautiful. Millions of albums later, this award-winning, Grammy-nominated, singer, songwriter, producer, actress and, now, author has only begun to show the world who she is and what she is capable of. Now, Price will expand her reach yet again with the release of her first gospel CD, This Is Who I Am, released by EcclectiSounds/GospoCentric through Zomba.This Is Who I Am is in stores now! Backstage with Kelly Price, as she speaks to UBG on her new gospel album, returing to R&B music, her influences and much more.

    Aries (UBG): Tell me about This is Who I Am?
    Kelly Price: This is who I am (sings), is my God, let’s see. My first fill length gospel album. It’s somewhat a tribute and me paying homage, and I’m using this album as that outlet. It’s everything I am musically and personally. I want people to know it’s not so much about me, but about Christians especially. I grew up a Church kid, people have a perception of who I am. I wanted to make the album enjoyable. There are so many rules with Christians and people condemning people. This is a great project, I wanted to record songs that touch people, happy songs. I didn’t try to attempt to go in a certain direction while recording the album. I wrote what my heart said. It’s been so great because people seem to be in love with “Healing” and that’s the only song from the album that’s been released so far. The album is what people need to hear, no matter if they’re going through something. I want them to know they can come out of it. Recording is instrumental to me to help people see things. Like when I was younger, there was a lot of things in Church that I didn’t agree with, now that I’m older, I see why I didn’t agree with them. A lot of the stuff was inaccurate and without turning into the angry preacher, I’m just showing people how to live.

     Aries (UBG): Why a gospel album now?
    Kelly Price: (Takes deep breath), It was time. Time for me, on every R&B album I recorded I had a gospel song. After my split with Def Soul, I took a lot of time to think about if I wanted to record a gospel album next. I actually took a lot of time and thought about it. So I finally decided before I record my next R&B album I would take the time now to do so. Some may think, oh she’s not going to do R&B anymore. But really I’m just showing another side of me right now with this gospel album. I’ve shared this side with me on the previous albums, but never been able till now to do a full-length gospel album. Since the first album, people have been asking me when I was going to record a gospel album? So now I get to share that, it’s just another side of Kelly Price. The great thing for me is the feedback has been so great!
    Aries (UBG): What was your inspiration while recording the new album?
    Kelly Price: Oh God, I did it all in one night live! My inspiration was life. I have a song called “Heaven’s Best” which is really a remake of Al Green’s “Love & Happiness” I just change some of the words around, but it’s the same song. There are so many songs that are saying something for everyone. Like stop being so judgmental, be careful what you say and do, stop pointing the finger, just something really for everyone to get something from. If it deals with life & Christians, I wanted to speak about it on this album, even those living a double life. From victories to tragedies, songs that will make people wanna groove in the Church pews. The beats are R&B to Rock, with traditional gospel that reminds me of the Aretha Franklin album she recorded. It’s just amazing, I have some amazing guest apart of it. Like Donnie McClurkin, who I’ve known my whole life. I’m just really excited about it and I’ve received so many blessings from the Church as well as my fanbase.
    Aries (UBG): What inspires you to write a song, does something have to happen?
    Kelly Price: Interesting enough, nothing has to happen. If something does happen and I write from that, I think it makes the lyrics even more powerful. I’m a writer by nature, it’s a gift from God. I remember a time I just tested myself to see if I could just write at the drop of a dime. My inspiration can really come from anything, to watching TV to a Dog peeing (laughs), anything. I do respect what I do as a writer, with it being a gift I always want to make sure I’m giving it time and detail. At times, I am inspired by actual things that happen.
    Aries (UBG): What do you think of the current state of R&B?
    Kelly Price: Oh God, is there still some R&B? I’m not sure we have any R&B anymore (laughs). Thank God for John Legend & the fact Mary J. Blige is still around. I think Marvin Gaye is turning over in his grave. You know what I miss? I miss songs that said somethin, I miss songs with a substance, I miss songs that take you back to a person, to the point where you could smell their aroma just by hearing a song you two shared. Music has always been very important to me, important to all of us. We need songs like What’s Goin On? I think now people are really looking for more than just a hot beat, but want the lyrics to say something. It has to turn back around. I’m always searching for new songs I can put in my iPod or play in my truck, that speak to the heart. But I think those songs will come back. The truth is if we didn’t go through this period, we wouldn’t be able to really appreciate good R&B music when it comes back to the forefront.
    Aries (UBG): You already answered this earlier, but to make it clear, will we ever get another Kelly Price R&B album?
    Kelly Price: Stop playing (laughs), of course you will. Look for it after I come off the road and promoting this album. While I’m on the road I’m going to be working on it, then once I come off I plan to record it, so I’ll say it will be ready sometime before the end of 2007. I’m always in write mode, so one I get focused on it, I will start writing for it.

    Aries (UBG): What are your top three favorite songs, you’ve recorded throughout your career?
    Kelly Price: Alright let’s see, God that’s hard (laughs). I have never thought about that before, wow. Okay, Friend of Mine, I love that song and it’s how people first heard of me. Wow, this is really hard. You Should of Told Me, umm (laughs). I’m not going to include the Christmas album, so I’ll say Healing.

    Aries (UBG): You’ve worked with a wide range of artists throughout your career, who was the most memorable?
    Kelly Price: Wow, I would really have to say all of them, for all different reasons.
    R. Kelly, he’s just amazing. Like a Vampire, sleeps in the day and is up all night.
    Diddy, his drive is incredible, man me and him would fight like crazy, but it was always love.
    Mariah Carey, her work ethic is incredible and really hasn’t been seen by many, she taught me discipline.
    Ron Isley, he’s a veteran. I don’t know what to say about him. It’s like anything I ever wanted to know about the business, all I had to do was go to him. I learned a lot from him.
    There are so many gospel artists as well. And I have to say Wyonna Judge blew me away! She is such an amazing person and so laid back in reality. Which makes it crazy that so many new jacks, act so dumb in the industry and like they are so above everyone else. Oh and I can not forget B.I.G., he was an amazing person.

    Aries (UBG): I spoke with Dave Hollister recently and he mentioned an upcoming tour with you, as well as Coko and Faith Evans, is that still going to happen and how did it come about?
    Kelly Price: That’s a good question. Wow, we’ve been talking about something, I would love it if that happened. This is the first I’m hearing about that bill. Just think, all of our styles and versatility’s, it would work if it happens. God I would want to sit in the audience and watch (laughs). That’s news to me, so let me find out on that. If it happens, I’m gonna call you back and say Aries, it’s on!

    Aries (UBG): Who are your influences?
    Kelly Price: My Grandmother, she is phenomenal! I did a concert for a DVD recently. She was sitting in the audience, I blew her a kiss from the stage, then I had to go get her. I gave her the mic and she wore the people out! My other influences are Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Karen Clark, all of the Clark sisters, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Gladys Knight. Just any R&B/Gospel female artists who made it always look so easy. I grew up in a Church house as a Preachers kid, so we couldn’t listen to R&B, but I would sneak it in (laughs).

    Aries (UBG): What’s next for you?
    Kelly Price: Well finish this project, with touring and promoting. I have a book coming out early next year called “I Just Want To Sing.” It’s how to get started in the music business, steps A to Z. It’s all the steps from A to Z, each chapter. I’m excited about that. Also, I’m looking at some scripts, some other offers possibly. I want to develop stuff behind the scenes and discover some creative talent out there. I want to bring some of that to the front. Just to really help open some doors to people.

    Aries (UBG): Any last words for your fans?
    Kelly Price: Yes, Kelly Price, This is Who I Am, in stores on October 24th. Go pick it up! I’m going through a growth development. I’m still the same Kelly Price, don’t let this fool you (laughs). I’m gonna be back with those songs letting you know if your man is cheatin on you (laughs). I’m going to be writing for the R&B album soon. I just made a stop real fast, to really give credit where credit is due, to God and to my grandmother, who doesn’t listen to my R&B music. So this is for them. I’m very excited and I thank you for your support, there is much more to come!

    For more on Kelly Price, visit http://www.kellyprice.com