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Los Angeles, CA Soul Singer Ms. Tracey Lee Releases Debut Album

October 31, 2006

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Tracey Lee tried to find other outlets to express herself, musically, but could not find any that inspired the musical growth she sought. So, she began singing background, and writing lyrics, for many local R&B artists in Los Angeles. Since then she has opened up for the legendary group, K.C. and JoJo (June 2005), as well as singer- Amerie (July 2005) at Long Beach’s Vault 350. In the beginning of 2005, Tracey Lee began her own label- R Funk & B Soul Music. She wanted to establish a label that provides music that transcends all age barriers and is reminiscent of the “feel good” music she grew up on that included R&B, Soul, Funk, Jazz, and of course, Hip Hop.

As a songstress, with her sultry-seductive tone, Ms. Tracey Lee comes across the radio waves as smooth as a “Summer Breeze.” As a lyricist, her lyrics depict a maturity ~like in “Perfect” and “Love Me for Me”~ that comes from experiencing the perils of love lost, the pleasures of love gained, and the plight of the loveless. As a producer, Tracey Lee has a canny way of mixing different sounds and instruments that are sure to get the party started at any club like “Who’s Fly” and “Head Spin.” She has an ear for “real” music and tailors her work “for the people.”

Her debut album, Introducing Ms. Tracey Lee, was released April 27, 2006 at a live performance where she opened for the legendary, Charlie Wilson, at the Key Club in Hollywood, CA. Tracey Lee’s singles such as “Your Love” and “Perfect” are topping the charts on many Internet radio stations across the country (BroadJam, American Idol Underground, Area51UrbanRadio, Garage Band, IRadio, and various other stations). She mastered and re-released her debut album on September 16, 2006 at the House of Blues where she opened for Digital Underground. Her CD is now available for sale-and download~ on CDBaby, BroadJam, Indie911, Garage Band, and in a store near you. For more information on Ms. Tracey Lee please visit the link above.